Cloud computing is the latest computing model that provides IT as service to end user. User can use services like infrastructure, platform and software’s and pay according to their usage. This model enable user to get rid of investing and maintain infrastructure at their end. However cloud computing is a dynamic and complex model that requires various task management and planning for efficient utilization of resources. Planning security in cloud environment is quite troublesome and challenging. Although there are numerous techniques enforced within the cloud environment for the protection of the data storage in cloud. Security is a major concern throughout the transmission of information from the sender to the receiver in any environment. Cloud provider has to ensure information integrity and confidentiality from several nodes to a selected place throughout the various implementation of cloud model like public or hybrid cloud. Here we propose a novel security technique for public authentication through adding one more level to it. Such that once a number of clouds are enforced and then the information is hold on dynamically and enable the verifiability of the node from one cloud to a different and also to enhance the security of the information dynamics.


Cloud computing, security on cloud, public authentication, hybrid cloud, storage security.

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