The Internet is becoming an increasingly vital tool in our everyday life, both professional and personal, as its users are becoming more numerous. It is not surprising that business is increasingly conducted over the Internet. Perhaps one of the most revolutionary concepts of recent years is Cloud Computing. The use of Cloud Computing is gaining popularity due to its mobility, huge availability and low cost. Many small businesses are realizing that cloud computing isn't just for large corporations. Many providers offer services that are targeted at the small business owner. Cloud computing presents unique opportunities for small businesses, giving them access to infrastructure that had traditionally only been available to much larger organizations.   Cryptography is one of the solutions which can prevent the intruders to enter into clouds for hacking information. Our paper gives solution for small scale industry. Out Solutions For Encryption at Small Scale industry, which will work on, Encryption at System Level, Password protected encryption key, disk encryption. This system design in such a way that Disk level encryption is time and space consuming


Caesar Cipher; cloud computing; small businesses encryption; system level encryption.

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