Indian women’s are saved a lot after independence, from just an experienced homemaker; women today have gained skills and potential of not just because of being a homemaker but being at parity with their male counterpart. Moreover varying roles of women workers, they have preserved the conventional work culture of household. Now a day the Banking sector are thrivingtowards high rate that the women have to work for longer hours to sustain the standard of living and accomplish their basic needs. In spite of having the trending technologies and services, women feel to be work loaded and stressed. This study shows that a large number of bankers are facing high stress because of their job and the reasons behind this stress include long hours of working, improper reward system, lack of job autonomy, organizational culture, role conflict etc. and the main reason is because of lack of management support to employees. The employees can notice a number of symptoms indicate high level stress among them. However if these symptoms are not noticed in early Stage, they can cause serious problems to health among employees such as depression, heart problems, diabetes etc. Not only health but personal life of bankers are also being affected because of high job stress, most employees are unable to spend time at home or with family. However, with the help of proper management techniques by management, the bankers stress level can be reduced to great extent.


Banking Sector; Work Pressure; Stress, Productivity; Technological Change

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