To protect image data, image encryption is an appropriate way. There is a unique feature of image and text data. The available encryption algorithms are good for text data. But it is not suitable for multimedia data because the characteristic of multimedia data is totally different from text data. All multimedia data has got a lot of redundancy but text data does not possess any redundancy. The pixel value of a location is highly correlated to values of its neighboring pixels. Like, a sound sample is correlated to its next sample and its previous samples. This correlation proves to be attack points to any standard encryption algorithm. Because they can predict the values of neighboring pixels or next sound sample by finding out pixel value at a location or one sound sample with reasonable accuracy. In this paper we recount some of the saga undergone by this field; we review the main achievements in the field of chaotic cryptography, starting with the definition of chaotic systems and their properties and the difficulties it has to outwit. According to their intrinsic dynamics, chaotic cryptosystems are classified depending on whether the system is discrete or continuous. Due to their simplicity and rapidity the discrete chaotic systems based on iterative maps have received a lot of attention. In this paper we have presented an advanced method of encryption using chaotic map.



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